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 Wilson Chronicles & Moty 2012 !

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MessageSujet: Wilson Chronicles & Moty 2012 !   Wilson Chronicles & Moty 2012 ! Icon_minitime6th Décembre 2012, 10:50 am

Wilson Chronicles & Moty 2012 ! Logo_mod1_small_mono

Wilson Chronicles & Moty 2012 ! Moddb_moty2012_voteforuslogo_wcstyle

As most of you will know, the voting for this year's Mod of the Year awards as already started, so don't forget to VOTE FOR US !

We would like to thank everyone who are supporting Wilson Chronicles for being patient, we are working hard for you Wink

Wilson Chronicles & Moty 2012 ! GreenlightRate

And don't worry, Wilson Chronicles will always be 100% free: all it takes is enough votes from the people who want all of the above !

Here is a sample showing you how Wilson Chronicles has evolved :

Before :
Wilson Chronicles & Moty 2012 ! 04_12_2012_media_release_12_wc_00a_01a_400x250
After :
Wilson Chronicles & Moty 2012 ! 04_12_2012_media_release_12_wc_00a_01b_400x250

Before :
Wilson Chronicles & Moty 2012 ! 04_12_2012_media_release_12_wc_00a_02a_400x250
After :
Wilson Chronicles & Moty 2012 ! 04_12_2012_media_release_12_wc_00a_02b_400x250

An exclusive view of the beginning :

Wilson Chronicles & Moty 2012 ! 04_12_2012_media_release_12_introduction_01_400x250 Wilson Chronicles & Moty 2012 ! 04_12_2012_media_release_12_introduction_02_400x250

One of the models we are currently working on :

Wilson Chronicles & Moty 2012 ! 04_12_2012_media_release_12_spas12_render_400x300

Et le tout nouvel ATH (ceci est encore un concept, mais il est en développement) :

Wilson Chronicles & Moty 2012 ! 04_12_2012_media_release_12_newhud2012_400x250

Thank you VERY MUCH for all your support, hoping you guys can help us to get in the Top 100 of this MOTY just like past year !

Keep following us here on Moddb for the next days news !

Join the community group and the facebook group of the mod and stay tuned for next Media Release !

Download Wilson Chronicles Demo Release 2
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Wilson Chronicles & Moty 2012 !
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